Indicators on vets queensbury You Should Know

I concur with with many of the opinions from other veterans. Most veterans are with Trump. This informative article is just propaganda. I’m a 21 yr veteran and retiree. I support Trump 100 percent.

Some of the ISIS terrorists who killed one hundred thirty people in Paris previously this thirty day period posed as refugees from Syria’s civil war to slide into Europe and fulfill their co-conspirators.

this isn’t what I listen to. I have household during the armed service and they are for Trump. They inform me that they need Trump for commander and Main. You recognize Ali, your bias is exhibiting. How long did it take you to scrape up some troopers that agree with you?

It’s the vets’ obligation to completely fully grasp the dangers and benefits of every health-related procedure they perform on our pets and also to research it totally.

What’s definitely unhappy are the number of people who obtain into Odummer and Swillary’s “Hearts and flowers” regimen as well as “Oh look at Those people Harmless Men and women that necessarily mean, awful ole Trump would like to change absent!” When even DHS does know WHO They can be or anything about them! three hundred, 000 of them! Just nuts

I’m not worried about people that swore to defend the Constitution. Examine 0bama, he takes advantage of the Constitution for toilet paper, bypasses congress with executive motion.

Which Real estate agent millionaire, Hill or Trump? They need to all be rounded up for producing housing unaffordable. I like how T is forcing the candidates to reply to his rants, issues they would rather not Categorical their deep darkish opinions about such things as creating the exact same migrant mistakes France and Germany have built.

LOL Says the Muslim World-wide-web hard dude who uses a phony display screen name himself and thinks I’m terrified of his threats! LOL Your hypocrisy gets funnier with the post!

You suspect like defending the country and its Constitution much like the gang of thugs sock-puppeted by George W. Bush.

May be, Or perhaps it’s that Saudi Prince who is so eager to palm his fellow Muslims off on to US instead of take them in in excess of there. discover here Sorta makes ya question how much that might have “been worthy of” way too him.

The Fourteenth Amendment would also have to be altered or repealed, as all Adult males will not be equivalent under Sharia law, and it does codify legislation discriminating against Christians, Jews, Women of all ages, and all Other folks.

Naturally besides the beheadings, the rapings, the stoning of women, particularly when they ended up raped, the rampage in their spiritual leaders, the honor killings in website link and outside in their people, forcing minors into marriages, the despise to other religions and basically all the things else somebody from a Western society would despise however, you seem to accept, Muslims are jolly fantastic chaps and really tolerant toward other religions.

Donald Trump is surely an fool and he should have you dumb ignorant fools drafted in a war during the Middle East, Europe and Asia, dying with the 1000's. I'm a Vietnam Vet and punks such as you we might use to very clear mine fields blindfolded. check here I want Donald Trump to get elected, the faster he will get inside the quicker the US will tumble right after the whole world activates them.

Peek responded with a reply that she and fellow vets would head to war with the government if important to maintain her Safe and sound, in lieu of complying with unconstitutional orders.

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